Wednesday, January 30, 2013

too excited


first of all, its this kittens birthday this weekend! 


nick j., jones, teej, etc. 

which only means one thing....... 

 marge the cutest OU kappa, follow her blog on Livin' Large With Marge

 this picture of us at chili fest makes me happy. 

cwall, my favorite UT kkg (sorry nessie, love you)

i absolutely CANNOT wait for this fun fun fun reunion!! 

as phil robertson once said, 
"I am..

ana isabel

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

my heart and prayers go out to the Pickens family and the TCU phi delt theta fraternity for their heartbreaking loss. though i don't personally know ty, i do know God has welcomed another angel to his kingdom.

"God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. 
Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give 
away and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea."
Psalms 46: 1-2

r.i.p. thomas boone pickens, iv

thunder cry

      the sky is actually falling

i just felt - yes, felt - thunder hit somewhere near home. the whole building i live in rattled to the core.
it. was. freakin. scary.

sooooo.... i decided to compile just a few of my favorite things i pulled out from my computer files.
they make me happy, so i hope they do the same for you too.



A storm's a brewin!!!
it's the ultimate apple cider and romantic movie with a lit candle under the covers kind of day

good night (?)

cant sleep.
it is approximately 2:09 am. i absolutely cannot sleep. ugh i just wanna throw on my slippers and just haul my booty to the nearest cvs just so i can buy that vicks sleeping aid....
is it the excitement of possibly getting a new roommate? MAYBE. she is sweet as PIE and i am so excited to hear the verdict on her decision.
maybe its the whirlwind of emotions having to do with school, pbp, new roommate, WANTING to go shopping (sue me), NEEDING to go grocery shopping, not working out this weekend, ugh just way too much going on!
here's a taste of whats been hoppin around here these past few days......

on thursday i had fun fun fun with the peeps @ reservoir 

this is mads and i having fun with selfies 

then on saturday we decided to spend the whole day at woodshed which was a BLAST despite the fact that i've showered multiple times since, and my hair STILL smells as if it sat in a coal mine for a couple of days straight.

after 4.5 hours of straight burnt wood smoke hitting my face
friends on friends on friends. nothing better than that. 

and finally- today i decided to load the dishwasher and put regular dishwashing soap in it. worst. idea. ever. 

told you- worst idea ever.

welp, thats it for tonight! i'm gonna try and hit the sack. love you all

ana isabel

p.s. excuse my awful grammar and sense of vocab tonight..... i'm quite the delusional insomniac. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

best friend

like i told you guys, i went home this weekend for a very special holiday.......
momma bear's birthday!
holla atcha gurllllll!!!
i'm so glad i got to spend it with this amaaaazing lady. she is everything i want to be when i grow up -

funny (or so she thinks)
loyal to the bone

there are so many more words i can use to describe her but those are the top 10 i would chose. she is the most amazing human being i have ever encountered in my life and i could never be any prouder to be called her daughter. she is everything and more to me and i will look up to her now and forever because she is ultimately my role model. my best friend. my mom.

i love you tons mom! hope this birthday was better than the last, but not as good as the next!

ana isabel


This tiny rosebud was by far the best gift I have ever gotten in my life. It's from a special guy named Louis. About 30 minutes ago, I was on my way home from my cousins place when I saw this homeless guy begging at an intersection. The light turned green as he approached my car and I SWEAR I've never seen such a crestfallen look on a person my whole life. I felt so bad for the guy - I mean it was midnight, freezing, and really misty so I decided to u-turn a couple streets down. When I get to the intersection again I yell out to him to come over and he does willingly and I hand him about 6$$. He was amazed at the fact that I came back just to give me money he started tearing up. He ran over to some bushes near by and plucked this flower and handed it to me. Then he hugged me and asked me my name and told me I was an angel and that if I ever needed anything, his name is Louis and he'd be willing to help. No matter what. I almost started crying. I have a new friend and the best gift in the world.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

winter break's end

good morning everyone!

yes I know, I know- I completely abandoned you guys for a good solid couple of weeks... BUT the good news is that I'm home (ft. worth) and back to school! I have never been so happy to see my friends. I have an 8 am on tuesdays and thursdays which is brutal, but totally worth it. my schedule is awesome, but I have some pretty long days. in terms of awesome, I mean I have a designated lunch time (haha- I know don't judge).
on another note- I had a WONDERFUL birthday, so thank you all for the love last week! I'm going home again tomorrow to see the fam bam and I'll be there for the weekend. its momma bears bday on friday, so I gots to go home and celebrate with the crazy 28-year-old-look-alike. I also need to go back and pick up this cappuccino maker thingy that you whisk the milk with to make it all foamy and such. totally worth the $$$ because every time I go home I use it like its my job:

it doesn't look exactly like that, but you get the gist.

on a sadder note- I went to visit my good friend's grave on my birthday. I left pretty early in the am and headed to the cemetery. there was a funeral going on and it tore at my heart having to see all these people there. seeing my friend's grave was a complete shock. he had a beautiful red rose, my single white rose i brought him, and a baseball glove. the man who helped me find his grave left and said, "I'll leave you alone with garrett now" and I think I surprised him with my "what the heck?" look I gave him. its ok because garrett was probably rolling over laughing just witnessing the exchange of words. I talked to him and it felt good, except for the torrential downpour that ensued within 10 minutes of being there. 
other than that the rest of the birthday was a fun filled day spending it with my favorite- kimber- who leaves for florence for a full semester, my friends, and my most favorite family ever. 

welp thats it for today! gotta go get ready for my archeoastronomy class........ yep thats the name. wish me luck!

peace, AI

P.S. I went to see Les Miserables with my mom and I think its been one of my favorite movies from all time, besides snow white and the huntsman. literally obsessed with all the characters and songs and storylines and screenplay and relationships and the EMOTION that comes with each scene. my god my favorite! hence the wonderful picture I greeted you with

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Hi y'all!!
Sooooooo I'm FINALLY home. Literally best feeling in the world. Needless to say I had a BLAST with the fam, I really truly definitely needed to get my butt home into my OWN shower and OWN bed. In case you were wondering, I took a roadtrip accross the southern part of the eastern US coast. My travels were summed up into this mighty fine list (all in order):
New Orleans, LA
Lady Lake, Fl (Christmas)
Stone Mountain, GA
Pigeon Forge, TN (yay for dollywood)
Gatlinberg, TN
Charleston, SC (NYE)
Savannah, GA
New Orleans, LA (bonjour, bourbon street!)
It was amazing, exhausting, and it taught me more things than what I learned in a history classroom my entire high school career. I'd go back to that side of the mason-dixie line in a heartbeat.... and I'd take less sweaters and more socks too.
sure does feel good to be back at home!

ps. I'll post pictures ASAP


Hi love bugs! My name is Ana Isabel. Most of you may not know a single thing about me- which is FINE. therefore, I created this blog to add a bit of literature to some minds about my always fascinating- and rarely too calm- life.
Let me show you a tad bit about my life. Between jumping back and forth between Mexico and Houston, my family has finally settled peacefully in good ole Texas. I'm currently at TCU studying my brain away to become the next big successful thing... whatever it may be. 
I’m also a pi beta phi. I never thought I’d be some sort of sorority girl but I guess there’s a first for everything, right? Best decision ever. 
My dad is a Lebanese Mexican hybrid and he’s the sour to my sweet. He’s the funniest, most eccentric man you’ll ever meet. And he loves me too. Major points for that. My mom is my best friend, even though she always drills the fact that “she’s not my best friend, she’s my mom”. She thinks she’s funny, but she’s really just a loud Cuban/Mexican. Ain’t nothin wrong with that. My 17 year old brother, Jorge, is as good as they come. He’s single, too, ladies. He’s the ultimate ladies man- all smooth and witty. My sister, Miranda, is a freshman in high school. Even though most would make automatic assumptions with that one small detail, she’s actually an extremely mellow kitten that I want to choke nine times out of ten. I love her anyways because she’s my love bug.
I used to have a puppy. She was a chug (chihuahua + pug). She was a legit chug. A love chug. A mute/overweight love chug. Hence her early passing after a fun-filled 7 year life span.
My family is truly unique, extreme, and comfortable. My dads constant Godfather quotes drive us nuts but they all make sense. We’re family and there’s nothing we can do about that. Boom.
Peace & blessings.
Ana Isabel