Friday, March 22, 2013

loss and heartbreak

i wanted to bring up a very emotional and touchy subject for me. it has to do with a dear friend from high school, garrett cole luce, who passed away in a tragic accident on november 2012. 
this loss hit close to home for me. my old high school was known for being on the smaller side, but there was something about my specific graduating class that made us feel tighter. we were a family. the cheerleader queen bee giggled with the uptight tuba playing girl, and the football team's captain joined forces with the student council president when pranking coach brooks the physics teacher. it was a family. so when one of our own gets taken away in such a heart-wrenching manner, well we felt it. the pain i felt was great, but certainly not deeper than what garrett's parents could possibly be feeling. the luce's are so strong, they've been holding others up when things get tough. they are for sure a pair to admire. 

i know that questions will be left unanswered, and to be honest, i don't think i want them answered at all. i know garrett is actually in a better place now, and i don't think questioning God's judgment will bring him back. being in heaven is better than anywhere else in this life. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

hiatus, sb, and shout outs

hi all-

i want to start off today by apologizing for going awol. though most of you would blame it on crazy college spring break- its not. i have had a busy couple of past weeks with school and social calls building up to my break that i just couldn't take a step back and chit chat! don't hate me! wont happen again... promise.

no on to more fun news- spring break was amazing. we started off the week by driving down to new orleans and spending a fun-filled night there. by fun-filled i actually meant fun-filled. we had so much fun! we met up with out fiji friends from texas tech, and we had the time of our lives! (and thank you brad for being able to keep us all girls stuck together like a herd of sheep- it was quite the challenge)
saturday morning we woke up to check out of our hotel which opened right onto bourbon- you all should seriously check it out, Four Points by Sheraton- and went to have the ultimate NOLA lunch. i have to say, i could live off of gumbo, jambalaya, red beans and rice, and crawfish etouffee for the REST OF MY LIFE. it was pure heaven.
after lunch we drove all the way to destin and spent a full 5 days or so with a bunch of crazed college kids. as fun as if was, i was not happy with the weather. it literally prevented us from relaxing on the beach. honest to god, if i cant lay out on a beach, then theres absolutely no point in me going. take that, florida.
on thursday morning we woke up early in the morning and meggie and kemi and i drove to houston. we had a relaxing and lovely time there. to be honest i liked it more than destin. but nothing trumped new orleans. new orleans is in a league of its own. maybe its my deep desire to go back to my favorite place ever? france is calling my name, i know.....
anyways.. back in houston we did some of my favorite things- ate a home cooked dinner prepared by my dad (you guys are missing out because this son of a gun cooks like a freakin god of the culinary arts), we laid out, we had a delicious dinner at brasserie 19 (one of my favorite restaurants in houston), and went to the houston rodeo. i got to see luke bryan shake it for me from afar and that was eye boggling to say the least. i'd go back and watch him in concert in a heartbeat.

yummy nola grub

kemi and i being our usual weird selfs on a nola bar balcony

my best friend maddie and i on the cold beach

maddie - pearce - me - lindy

emily - me - braeden

catching some rays @ the houstonian pool

meggie and i playing sheriff with my parents committee badges at the rodeo (thats me reaching for my gun that i will own one day if and when i complete fbi training...). oh and i'm also wearing a rodeo vest. legit stuff right there..

gettin mah boots moisturized and shined.

hungry kemi on the prowl..... for food.

now i'm back in fort worth after a long day of classes, homework, literature reading, arduino building, and catching up with friends. yes my spring break was fun, but i hope everyone else's was too.
....and i promise to not go MIA again. sorry peeps.


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elle doing her thang. i want those heels by the way.... hint, hint.

love you all- 
ana isabel