Sunday, April 7, 2013

kiss me lips

so i've always had this little problem that has to do with my lips. yes they are big and luscious and pretty lips and yes many girls have told me of their desire for lips as full as mine and i can only assume guys have wanted their girls to have full lips, too. i'm not saying people envy my lips, but if someone were to describe them, they'd probably say that they like them very much. i don't think i'm coming off the way i wanted to, but i'll just go on before i make an even bigger fool of myself....
a problem i have with these big lips o' mine is that they are always chapped. always. its not like an unbearable thing, but it sort of is for me. they are chapped all the time and if i put chapstick on, they'll be smooth for like 30 minutes and then all of a sudden its like the chapstick cracked them more and making them a lot more feel-able. so after a little brainstorming and experimenting, i came up with a really good way to make my lips smoother... and it actually works!
this is what i do -
i grab some sugar i have in my pantry (i use truvia since its all i have, but brown sugar will do maybe even better) and an old toothbrush (make sure you don't use your current one! that would be yucky)
then i wet my lips with water and then i dab sugar on them and then i scrub away with my old toothbrush!
it leaves them super smooth and it actually lasts! i have only done it once but i think i'm going to do it every morning when i get out of bed and every night right before i go to sleep. but only if need be. i don't like the idea of scrubbing my lips to a bloody pulp. 

so there you have it! my newfound secret to kiss me lips. now, i bid you to use this trick and go live a long and happily kissable life!

-xx A

P.S. i just got this beautiful red lipstick from MAC that i am so excited to use! Russian Red by MAC.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

spring is here, and what better time of the year to celebrate love and pretty flowers in your hair? its the season of swims in the pool under the moonlight and abundance of flower scents under the sun. like literally. the pool in my building is open from "dawn to dusk" but who are they to kick me out? no ones working in the main office anyways...right? and flowers are EVERYWHERE. there are bluebonnets and tulips as far as the eye can see on and off campus. its so pretty and the smells are unbelievable. its such a warm and fuzzy season. whats not to like? also, i have stopped reading my romance novels ever day. now, i read actual intellectual and non fiction books during the week when i have spare time, and then i submerge myself again into my romance novels of fair ladies and highlander warriors every sunday. i guess you could say i have something to look forward to every week. 

from this post alone, i guess you can conclude i'm a spring-loving girl with "love in my eyes and flowers in my hair"
i'll let you believe what you want. but before i go, i have to ask - what are your favorite things about spring?