Thursday, May 23, 2013

mah mane

so here's the deal. i love my hair because its so thick and shiny and pretty much all around healthy. i've always had so much trouble finding the perfect products for my hair and exactly what styling techniques to stick to. blow outs make my hair frizzy and brittle looking. ramrod straight dos make my hair look like a helmet. i like my hair just natural and wavy and flowy and down. so i'm literally on the prowl for the best products. i've gone through blogs, reviews, and websites and just tested stuff here and there. agh this is so complicated!! but its working. i also want my hair to grow out.... i got the "college cut" (to my collarbone) in october of my freshman year of college. now i can't get it past my boobs. i'm about to be a junior. come on.......... grow grow grow.
i seriously need more hair tips

on a side note, i just got like 36 (no joke) different makeup products today! yay! and i got them for free. yep. free. my mom decided she doesn't look good in certain shades that just so happen to be my perfect color match so i got all this amazing stuff for free. ranging from foundations to lipsticks. i am over the moon delighted. like i want to wear them all.
by the time i was done trying on all the lipsticks, glosses, balms, & pencils, my lips were legit swollen and unnaturally red from all the rubbing. its like making out. minus the hot guy. sigh.


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