Tuesday, August 20, 2013


hi guys-

as i sit here in my brand new kitchen, i'm being bombarded with thoughts of my blogging absense. i guess the main reason as to why i didn't upload a single post since may is that i just couldn't find the inspiration. don't get me wrong, i had an amazing summer. i just couldn't come up with a single topic that didn't seem forced. i'm glad to be back now, though!
this summer was full of late night dinner dates, movie outings with my dad, bike rides with my best friends, and beach bumming with my beautiful cousin. it was indeed a summer that i will cherish forever and ever. i spent every day with my mom and that was good enough for me.
due to a family emergency, i was able to move in and all the day right before work week for sorority recruitment started. lets just say i lived in a massive room with a tiny bed and boxes EVERYWHERE. thank god my roommates were here to lend me a towel or toothpaste. once all that was over and done with on sunday, my dad, brother and sister came down to ftw from htx to move in all my furniture and boxes! yes i am still unpacking everything. and with classes and all, i still need to figure out when to squeeze that and sleeping in. i guess my social life will be on hold for the next few day? hope not...
in some other news, classes started yesterday and i couldn't be happier! i live in a house with some of my closest friends about 5 minutes (walking) from campus. so happy to be so close. my professors are all super cool and my classes are small, intimate, and enlightening. woohoo for me.

that pretty much sums up everything i've been hiding the past three months or so. i'll be back before you know it!